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Impatto Visivo was founded 20 years ago moving the first steps in the world of printing and editorial graphics. Today Impatto Visivo is able to offer specialized services in the communication and strategic consulting to its clients.

Thanks to the team of professionals, Impatto Visivo is the ideal partner to support customers at 360  degrees listening and supporting them step by step in achieving their goals in the short, medium and long term.

Visual Impact offers to its clients a side by side approach during the phase of analysis and strongly believes in the power of communication that the idea assumes every time that meets the press. The value of production is also crucial and still represent the first specialization the company has acquired.

Once the project has been studied in its strategic aspects and detailed in its graphic nuances, we are ready to print the result on the most suitable material to enhance its characteristics. We make use of advanced manufacturing techniques and art, not excluding collaborations with specialized companies.